Community Right to Challenge

Pulse Regeneration is working in partnership with the Social Investment Business, ACEVO and Locality, to provide specialist advice as part of the new £10.5m Community Right to Challenge Support Programme which will be delivered over the next three years on behalf of the Department for Communities and Local Government.

What is the Community Right to Challenge?

The Community Right to Challenge actions the Government’s commitment for public service reform to hand power from Whitehall and Town Halls to communities, and to diversify service provision.

The Community Right to Challenge will enable relevant bodies, including third sector organisations and parish councils, with good ideas about how they can deliver a local authority service differently and better, to challenge the local authority and if successful give them a chance to openly compete to deliver that service.

Relevant bodies will be required to build up a strong business case and submit a written Expression of Interest when challenging to deliver a service. The Expression of Interest will include information such as financial resources, technical capacity to deliver the service, and outcomes to be achieved. If the Expression of Interest is accepted then the relevant body will need to bid for the service contract as part of a formal procurement exercise.

Funding Support Available  

As a preferred supplier of the new Community Rights Pulse Regeneration is able to provide grant funded support to organisations which successfully apply for this under the programme. Three types of grant are available as follows: 

Pre-Feasibility Grant
Grants are available between £5,000 and £10,000 for organisations to develop and build up their internal knowledge, skills and capacity to help them to compete for the delivery of public services. 

Feasibility Grant
Grants are available between £10,000 and £100,000 for organisations that are able to demonstrate that they have good potential to compete effectively to deliver public services or require support in the preparation of an Expression of Interest and/ or competing in procurement exercises. 

Service Delivery Grant
Grants, which are expected to include a repayable element, are available to invited applicants from relevant bodies to support them to deliver a public sector contract that they have won. 

Please note organisations do not need to be making a challenge to be eligible for grants. Those organisations that are only seeking to bid for public sector contracts will be eligible.

Further Information

If you are interested in working with us to secure support through the Community Right to Challenge Support Programme please contact the Pulse Team at or call Caroline Lewis on 0151 475 7000.