Community Right to Bid

Pulse Regeneration is working in partnership with the Social Investment Business, ACEVO and Locality to provide specialist advice as part of the Community Right to Bid Support Programme which will be delivered over the next three years on behalf of the Department for Communities and Local Government.

What is the Community Right to Bid?

The Community Right to Bid is an integral part of the Government’s plans to give new powers to help local communities to take over assets, including land and buildings that are important to their neighbourhoods and develop them into sustainable community assets delivering long term benefits.

The Community Right to Bid will give local communities a fairer chance to identify assets that are of importance to them and provide more time for them to develop a bid and raise the necessary capital. This may include assets such as community centres, libraries, parks or facilities for children, and privately owned facilities such as pubs and shops that are vital to particular communities or neighbourhoods.

As part of the new Community Right to Bid a local authority will be required to maintain a 'list of assets of community value' with assets being included following a response to a community nomination or where permitted by regulations. The community nomination must come from a local voluntary or community group, a parish council or a community council. When the local authority or private owner wants to sell a listed asset, nominees will have six weeks to lodge an Expression of Interest following which a window of opportunity of six months will come into effect to give the nominee additional time to develop a bid and raise the necessary capital to buy the asset.

Funding Support Available  

The aim of the fund is to support those organisations that are interested in the ownership and management of assets through community asset transfer and those organisations that want to use the Right to bid for and take over assets that are of importance in their neighbourhood.

As approved providers for the Community Rights Support Programmes, Pulse Regeneration is able to provide grant funded support to organisations which successfully apply for this under the programme. Three types of grant are available as follows:

Pre-Feasibility Grant
Grants are available between £5,000 and £10,000 for organisations to develop and build up their internal knowledge, skills and capacity to prepare to take receipt of an asset transfer or bid to buy land and buildings of community value.

Feasibility Grant
Grants are also available between £10,000 and £100,000 for organisations that can demonstrate they have the potential to meet local needs through the acquisition and management of local assets. This includes a mix of capital and revenue and can be used towards feasibility studies and developing investment proposals.

Capital Grant
Grants are available to invited applicants from relevant bodies as a contribution to the capital development costs of asset projects.

Please note organisations do not need to be making a bid to be eligible for grants. Those organisations that are seeking to transfer an asset from a public body will be eligible.

Further Information

If you are interested in working with us to secure support through the Community Right to Bid Support Programme please contact the Pulse Team on or call Caroline Lewis on 0151 475 7000.