Big Assist

Pulse is an approved provider for BIG Assist; an NCVO and BIG Lottery Fund grant programme offering support to infrastructure organisations in the voluntary sector, helping them to adapt and change to meet a challenging environment. 

What is The Fund?

BIG Assist is testing new ways of delivering support to infrastructure organisations in the voluntary sector to adapt and change how they work to meet the challenges of a much changed operating environment.

Infrastructure organisations, are defined as civil society organisations whose main or only purpose is to support the work of other organisations in the voluntary and community sector.

Under the BIG Assist programme we can offer a wide range of consultancy support and training for infrastructure organisations, under key topic areas such as:

Supporting and developing people and organisational culture

Funding Support Available 

As an approved provider we are able to work with for the BIG Assist programme we are able to work with infrastructure organisations to apply for a voucher which can then be used to purchase our consultancy and training support services.

Applying for a support voucher involves three simple stages and the Pulse Team would be pleased to discuss with infrastructure organisations what this will involve and what services we can provide to meet your requirements. 

Further Information

If you are interested in the fund please contact the Pulse Team on or call Caroline Lewis a for further information on 0151 475 7000.