Driving Crewe Forward Evaluation

Crewe Regeneration Partnership delivered ‘Driving Crewe Forward’, a six-year £6 million community regeneration programme. At the programme’s conclusion the Partnership required an evaluation to identify achievements and lessons learnt.

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open quotationPulse Regeneration worked with senior officers of the County Council to compile an evaluation of a significant scheme in Crewe. A constructive and iterative process was adopted to ensure all aspects of the brief were addressed and the evaluation report was well organised and comprehensive.close quotation

Nuala Keegan, Strategic Commissioning Manager,
Cheshire East Council

Key Actions

Pulse Regeneration undertook the evaluation which provided a detailed assessment of the outputs including identifying the gross to net variance, the objectives and contribution to regional strategies, the funding and spend of the programme including leverage and value for money, as well as the future development potential. The approach included working with THE Partnership and RDA, as well as beneficiaries, and extensive quantitative data development and analysis. The evaluation acknowledged the RDA ‘Impact Evaluation Framework’.


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