Barrow Social Enterprise Network Evaluation

Furness Enterprise Partnership managed the Barrow Social Enterprise Network (BSEN), a three-year £600,000 social enterprise support project, and as part of this required an independent summative evaluation.

Barrow Social Enterprise Network Evaluation

open quotationThe service provided by Pulse Regeneration was excellent, within the given timeframe and to the specification given. The report was well structured, provided clear recommendations that will help with the development of future strategies. It was evident that the company believed in providing the best possible service to their customer.close quotation

Val Robinson, Funding and New Start Manager,
Furness Enterprise Ltd

Key Actions

Pulse Regeneration undertook the evaluation to critically assess BSEN’s achievements and to identify lessons learnt that could inform the development of future funding applications. The approach included design of a beneficiary postal survey issued to all supported social enterprises, stakeholder consultation, unit cost analysis, and statistical assessments. The evaluation assessed the activities and services provided, the performance and results achieved, the beneficiary perception of the project, value for money, and partnership delivery.


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