South Sefton Development Trust

South Sefton Development Trust is an SRB6 successor vehicle, and provides a range of activities to regenerate its local area and support the development of a vibrant local community and economy.

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open quotationWe engaged Pulse because of their expertise in developing assets for community organisations. We have found that Pulse deliver way over and above their contracted duties; having developed an empathy with our community members and developed an outstanding level of trust between themselves and the Board members. This has translated into a level of confidence that is reflected in the increasing professionalism of the SSDT directors.close quotation

Cate Murphy,
Manager, South Sefton Development Trust

Key Actions

Pulse Regeneration has supported the Trust since inception. This included developing the Business Plan to justify the trust’s formation, assessing the range of community regeneration activities it could deliver, and providing tailored training for the new board. It also involved developing a clear strategy for the Trust focusing on asset base development and new social enterprises, as well as undertaking financial modelling to demonstrate how the Trust could most effectively manage a new multi million pound Investment Centre.



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