Trinity Methodist Church

Trinity Methodist Church first opened in 1914, is locally listed, and occupies a prominent high-street location. The Church wanted to increase usage and provide wider community benefit.

Trinity Methodist Church

open quotation'Pulse' have worked on the ground, alongside Church members, liased with users of the building, networked with local council leaders and fed back progress to Church and Circuit meetings. They have been extremely thorough in the consultation undertaken and have been shown to listen to peoples concerns and needs, the staff have been accessible by phone, email and to attend meetings at all times and they have been a delight to work with.close quotation

Rev. Chris Jones,
Minister, Trinity Methodist Church

Key Actions

Pulse developed a feasibility study that identified clear options for enhancing the use of the building, and worked closely with architects to develop technical designs for refurbishment and capital costs. Due to the appeal of the preferred option, Pulse was then appointed to provide a longer-term project management role to develop a detailed business plan and fundraising strategy, oversee architectural input, submit funding applications, and developing partnerships.



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