Central Hall

Built in 1893, Central Hall in Keighley has been used for many community uses and following closure, Keighley Voluntary Services were keen to identify new building uses and re-open the building for public benefit.

Central Hall, Keighley

open quotationPulse's professional experience, enthusiasm and understanding of working with community based regeneration initiatives is a big plus point for organisations like ours who may not have tackled a large project before. They are approachable, flexible, supportive, and open to learning, so it felt like good teamwork all round.close quotation

Caroline Schwaller,
Chief Officer, Keighley Voluntary Services

Key Actions

Pulse developed a feasibility study that assessed design options for the restoration of the building, including research and consultation, developing financial projections and identifying suitable funding opportunities. Pulse also advised on future management and governance arrangements, and the potential for asset transfer from Bradford Council. Pulse was then appointed to develop a business plan and capital delivery plan to secure funding from Community Assets. Pulse are now acting as client representative to Keighley Voluntary Services, overseeing building development works and working towards successful project implementation.



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