Future for Social Enterprise Support in Sheffield

Published on 11 April 2012

Social enterprise support event

Social enterprise support event 


Pulse Regeneration was commissioned by Sheffield City Council to review the infrastructure support available for social enterprises in the City. The review included establishing the health of the social enterprise sector; research on the rapidly changing policy environment; surveying social enterprises across the City to establish current and future needs; and an analysis of providers. This also included consultation with employee owned enterprises in Sheffield and research into innovative support models. The recommendations suggested better targeting of support in response to needs identified, including a programme for pre-start and start-up enterprises; market driven development with improved signposting between existing agencies; and development of an innovative support programme involving the private sector to support the ‘top ten’ high growth social enterprises. Other issues addressed were support for spin outs, changes to Council commissioning processes, marketing and promotion, measuring social impact and leadership for the sector.

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