‘Make it Happen’ Social Enterprise Development

Published on 06 September 2011

Make it Happen

Community consultation and engagement 


Pulse Regeneration was commissioned by the Development Framework Group (Charlestown and Lower Kersal) (DFG) to undertake the ‘Make it Happen’ Social Enterprise Feasibility Study. The study investigated the potential for the DFG to set up social enterprises to address needs in the local area and fulfil the aims of the Group, including physical development and local neighbourhood planning. Workshops were held with the Management Committee to narrow down a long list of social enterprise ideas to five, including community reporters, community consultation/ engagement, managing community space, grounds maintenance enterprise and developing a Hydro Electric Community Benefit Society. The ideas were then assessed and prioritised for delivery into a short, medium and long term action plan. The DFG agreed to three strands of activity – influencing, partnerships and enterprise, which now steer the Group’s activity.

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