Pulse Regeneration is working in an innovative partnership with Plus Dane Group to develop the INplaces model of community facilities management based in Liverpool, for wider benefit.

Plus Dane Group

open quotationAt Ni, we are committed to finding innovative solutions to neighbourhood problems. Our partnership with Pulse Regeneration enables Plus Dane Group to share these innovative solutions with others, both locally and nationally.close quotation

Erika Rushton,
Enterprise Director, Neighbourhood Investor, Plus Dane Group

The Model

INplaces works by developing the shared management of a number of community buildings, enabling local resources to be maximised and cost savings to be made. The model also enables a greater focus on asset development, leading to improved facilities and increased income. However, what is truly unique about the model, is its potential to create increased social benefits, for example through local training and employment opportunities linked to building maintenance, and the local ownership control that is developed through a community facilities membership network.



If you are interested in exploring how the INplaces model could benefit your local area, we are able to offer the following key services:

For more information about how you can benefit from INplaces, or about how we can support you, please contact us.